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City Council approves plans for Sydney’s tallest building

City Council approves plans for Sydney’s tallest building


In a move that will reshape the iconic city’s skyline, Sydney City Council has just accepted a recommendation for approval of a 260 metre tall building at 505 George Street.

Though the building will only be marginally taller than the neighbouring Citigroup Centre (standing at 243 metres), the 72-storey George Street project will stand above surrounding skyscrapers, officially making it the tallest building in Sydney.

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Crone Partners designed the slender tower in order to comply with strict site requirements and considerations of daylight exposure, tower crowding and view loss to properties in the vicinity. The George Street project will predominantly house residential, retail, childcare and council rooms to add to the area’s mix of commercial and residential buildings.

The landmark building project will be realised in collaboration with Mirvac and Coombes Property Group, liaising with Crone Partners and Sydney City Council to resolve issues of increased urban density in Sydney’s growing CBD.

The proposal has been referred to the Department of Planning and is currently awaiting final sign-off.

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