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Banyule council opposes suburban skyscraper in Ivanhoe

Banyule council opposes suburban skyscraper in Ivanhoe


Above image: A first impression of Caydon’s Ivanhoe project, and the site itself, looking towards Melbourne.

Plans for a 26-story residential building have been put forward for Ivanhoe, the latest in the recent boom of suburban skyscapers in Melbourne’s east.

With a 36-storey apartment tower given the green light in Box Hill, the Ivanhoe project, proposed by developer Caydon, is indicative of an evolution in residential models in the eastern suburbs. The building will be at close proximity to Austin Hospital, and will house 258 one or two-bedroom apartments, as well as space for offices and retailers.

The building has met with strong resistance from the Banyule council planners for its crude design, describing it as “harsh in appearance”. Ivanhoe mayor Craig Langdon stated, “it’s not something someone can hang their hat on saying ‘It’s a great building’.”

Beyond its perceived aesthetic shortcomings, many are concerned about the incongruity of the high-rise tower in Ivanhoe, and the implications that the increased density will have on the surrounding area. If approved, the 80-metre building will stand on one of Melbourne’s highest peaks, eclipsing its neighboring buildings.

Banyule council will take their case against Caydon to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Melbourne’s skyline is set to change dramatically in coming years, with vertiginous buildings, such as Victoria One in the CBD, signifying a push towards large scale multi-residential living more customarily seen in neighbouring countries across Asia Pacific.

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