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Sunshine Coast’s first all-in-one production studio

Sunshine Coast’s first all-in-one production studio


The Sunshine Coast has welcomed its first all-in-one production studio, Havana Haus.

The stunning custom-built studio offers an extensive range of services, including; a podcast production room, flexible backdrops and a cyclorama for photography, state-of-the-art videography and lighting equipment, an office area, hot-desking facilities, just to name a few. 

Located in the heart of Coolum Beach, Havana Haus offers a custom-built creative space for photographers, content creators, business owners, brands and event planners. 

“With many people flocking to the Sunshine Coast over Covid and continuing to want to live in an idyllic location, the once sleepy seaside suburbs have seen a huge population boom. This trend has led to an increased demand for facilities that cater to the creative fields — and Havana Haus aims to be at the centre of it all,” says Havana Haus founder, Chloe Hutchison. 

Engaging interior designers

With sights set on achieving luxurious architecture and interior finishes, the studio engaged renowned consultancy Bond Theory.

The results have astounded visitors, who have been blown away with the studio’s impressive and enormous high ceilings, a curved cyclorama design and a stunning mezzanine space, the vibe feels expansive – and luxurious. 

Havana Haus’s aesthetics and elements lend themselves to content creation magic, from the elegantly minimal decor to the soft drapery, bright neutral tones, moveable prop walls and premium finishes.

“We allow creatives to do what they’re best at. Just show up to the studio and we have everything you need, no need to worry about investing in fancy equipment and lugging it around. Just bring your creative ideas,” Hutchison says.

With 40 percent of Australians now tuning in monthly to online audio, creators looking to get a slice of the podcast industry pie can book the purpose-built acoustic studio complete with recording equipment.

A Sunshine Coast first 

It’s this versatility that is set to make Havana Haus the go-to destination for Sunshine Coast artists.

“Not too long ago, if a business wanted to manage creative projects in-house, they’d need to be prepared to spend thousands on equipment, studio setups, lighting and more. Now, we provide a service where you can book our space and access everything you need to bring your ideas to life,” Hutchison continues.

Not only does Havana Haus provide the facilities and support for professionals at the top of their field, it also aims to inspire an emerging generation of artists looking to get a leg up.

“When you’re getting started in a competitive industry, you can quickly get overwhelmed and feel like you need to invest in all the expensive equipment and software to stand out in your field. Our aim with Havana Haus is to remove these barriers and give creatives the support they need,” Hutchison finishes.

Images provided by Havana Haus.

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