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“Texture, texture, texture” to define door handles in 2021 – Halliday + Baillie

“Texture, texture, texture” to define door handles in 2021 – Halliday + Baillie


With the IDEA awards set to be announced in person in Melbourne on 19 February 2021, we caught up with Halliday + Baillie director Tanya Rive to take stock and talk trends for the Residential Single category.

In an ongoing weekly series in the lead up to our awards Gala, we’ll be chatting to our amazing sponsors – experts in the Australian architecture and interior design industry – to find out what they love about IDEA and what they predict will be hot in seasons to come.

Halliday + Baillie is a New Zealand company with two branches in Australia that has been operating for 25 years, and has been exporting worldwide for over 15 of those years.

The range of flush sliding locks from Halliday + Baillie

Its design encompasses quality, flair, functionality and longevity. Products are proudly produced in New Zealand where lower volumes enable careful monitoring with a correspondingly high production quality.  Handles may be turned a thousand times a day, so materials and finish are among the highest priorities.

As sponsors of the IDEA Residential Single category, Halliday + Baillie knows a thing or two about Australian design.

The range of flush door hardware from Halliday + Baillie

Always a hard-fought award, the Residential Single category features some of the country’s best known practices up against the new dynamos and trailblazers to take home the prize of Australia’s best home.

Last month, our esteemed jury met virtually to pick the winner for this and all the 2020 IDEA categories.

While neither I nor Tanya know who will take home this year’s trophy, we still couldn’t resist catching up recently to make some predictions about the hottest trends defining homes in 2020 and 2021.

Tanya Rive. Image: Andrew Worssam.

ADR: Hi Tanya! Welcome to ADR! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Tanya Rive: After many years working as an account manager for various product design firms and working closely alongside the Architect/Designer, I took a role at Halliday + Baillie to grow its sales. I became sales manager then company manager then was offered a partnership with the only other partner. We decided that I would go to Sydney to run Australia while Marcus (Halliday – the founder of Halliday + Baillie) stayed on to run New Zealand.

We meet every quarter to look at company as a whole and engage in banter about each country and the differences (believe me, there are some)! Then we design and manufacture products to fill a gap.

What is your favourite thing about the IDEA Gala? 

TR: The bringing together of the industry, and being able to observe firsthand the buzz and joy and complete respect the entire industry has for one another – not just the designers and architects, but the suppliers too! Without good products and materials, the dream designs and boundary pushing couldn’t be achieved as well as it is.

I have also loved seeing more and more entries from outside the Victorian hub, which just opens us all up to seeing how different parts of Australia design and the impact an environment can have on how a building is designed.

What trends have you noticed from the 2020 IDEA Residential Single shortlist?

TR: Texture, texture, texture… I’m obsessed. 

Texture with pattern, streaky marbles, different finishes on door handles, textures on concretes, block work and timbers. I love seeing our designers playing with texture!

What would you like to see designers doing in this category in 2021?

TR: New Zealand and/or Australian made!

We make all our designs in both countries. I would love to see more products, fabrics and materials sourced on this side of the world before stepping outside into the world of design. 

We all love Milan Week, but this year it couldn’t happen, so let’s look closer to home and see the craftspeople in Australia for inspiration. COVID changed us and Shop Local can extend to more than our weekly shop.

To refresh your memory, here are the projects shortlisted for this year’s Residential Single award.

Stay tuned for more trends as we catch up with our other design leaders on the road to the IDEA 2020 Gala.


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