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QuickStand Eco – sleek, strong and simple to use

QuickStand Eco – sleek, strong and simple to use


Hands up if you’re one of those people now feeling more than a little confused about the optimal way of working at a desk.

After years of being told that we’re all too sedentary and that we should be standing at our workspaces, rather than sitting, now there are reports that too much standing can’t be good for us either – and that prolonged standing may increase the risk of varicose veins or, even worse, cardiovascular disease. Perhaps you’re one of those workers who had been considering getting a sit/stand desk and are now rethinking the idea. And you could be forgiven for throwing in the towel and thinking it’s impossible to ever do the right thing. But don’t despair. The answer is in education and that old standby – moderation. Sit/stand desks really are a great option – that hasn’t changed.

All that is necessary is knowing how to use them properly and picking the right design in the first place.

Moderation means varying your position. Whether you’re sitting or standing at the desk isn’t the most important thing – what is vital is shifting between the two positions regularly and not staying in one of them for too long.

With this in mind, a height-adjustable workstation that is simple to use and operate is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. And how about if you could find one that answers that brief, but is also portable, so you are able to easily move it from one work surface to another? Wouldn’t that be a win/win?

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation in portable sit/stand desk solutions. Not only is it a strong, sleek and easy to use piece of equipment, its lightweight platform is able to move with or independently of the screen.

Featuring a simple set-up and portability, it offers practically effortless adjustability and also comes in a variety of configurations – laptop, single or dual monitor.

Clamping to any existing work surface, the QuickStand Eco instantly transforms a regular desk into a smart one and features a sophisticated cable management system that allows users to simply plug in and go.

The QuickStand Eco doesn’t have a plethora of fiddly knobs and levers requiring precision adjustment. Instead, Humanscale’s Continuous Force self-locking mechanism ensures the desk is safe and stable while you are working and the seamless operation allows you to quickly move between sitting and standing whenever you choose and with the minimum disruption to your workflow or concentration.

Welcome to the end of confusion and the future of healthy working!

Visit humanscale.com to find out more.

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