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Osier Belle is Australian outdoor furniture designed for Australia


Osier Belle is Australian outdoor furniture designed for Australia


Osier Belle started with a very simple goal in mind – to design beautiful Australian outdoor furniture that could stand up to our challenging and, often, unforgiving climate.

“I’ve always loved home design and styling,” Osier Belle’s founder and creative director Penny Camplisson tells me recently.

“It comes from moving so much, often to very basic places, which I would totally transform by redesigning challenging spaces to create a true home.

Osier Belle’s founder and creative director Penny Camplisson.

“When I moved to Australia in 2001, I was constantly frustrated by the lack of versatility in outdoor furniture, as a lot of what I saw didn’t look like it could last outdoors.

“We have the most extraordinary builds and homes here and a lifestyle that enjoys the outdoors more than most, but the furniture in our balconies, decks and outdoor living spaces often falls short.”

With that in mind, the Scottish-born, Sydney-based designer, whose CV includes stints at House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping and SHE magazine in the UK, started designing outdoor furniture that could stand up to the Australian summers and winters and everything in between.

The Osier Belle Extension Dining Table seamlessly extends from 220 centimetres to 340 centimetres and can be made with a stainless steel or teak leg finish.

“I forget about the cost of making a product and instead focus on making the most luxurious designs without compromise,” says Camplisson.

“This is reflected in the thickness of the cushions, the quality of the foam, the skill of the weaving, the solid structure of the framework, the three-way marine grade zips for easy cover removal…

“In production, cost is saved by compromising on these features. It means there is a bigger profit margin for the owner and the purchaser can’t initially see any difference, but it is misleading and I feel short-minded, especially in such an unforgiving climate.”

Showcasing Osier Belle’s beautiful range of Sunbrella fabrics, the Oliver George collection achieves the ultimate in plush luxury, comfort and style.

Today, Osier Belle has a range of collections that stretch across sofas and lounges, tables, chairs, ottomans, daybeds, sun loungers and benches to parasol, cushions, mirrors, matching dog beds and more.

Each piece is designed in Australia and manufactured in Osier Belle’s own factory in Cirebon, West Java with a fully-customised design delivered within 10-12 weeks.

And while the collections are designed for Australia and made in Indonesia, the inspiration is very much international, from the retro-inspired Tressé collection, which features a Scandinavian-style wicker aesthetic to the gorgeously dark, moody and modern Oliver George, named after Camplisson’s much-loved spoodle.

The Tressé collection features natural-looking, Scandinavian inspired characteristics with beautifully hand-shaped A6 grade teak legs. 

“I am a true boho girl with a ’60s vibe,” says Camplisson of her own design aesthetic. 

“Touch is a huge sense for me, so fabric textures and shapes under the hand (like the Lux hand-shaped teak frame or the Bulle rounded body) are important. 

“I thoroughly enjoy injecting personality and character into my pieces. I don’t follow trends in fashion or furniture. I just go with what I like, what suits me and what I enjoy.”

Fabulously tactile and oozing retro, funky style, the Bulle range includes sofas, chaise lounges, armchairs and tables of all sizes.

But a huge part of Osier Belle’s success comes from its customisation process.  

Its pieces aren’t just specifically designed to endure the harsh Australian climate.

They can also be customised by size, using a huge range of high-end wickers and fabrics, so the designer gets furniture that fits their project, their brand and their client’s personality perfectly.

“We’re passionate about offering a truly tailored, personal design service,” explains Camplisson.

“We provide the ideas and inspiration to transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxing, entertaining and bringing loved ones together.”

Osier Belle’s design consultants work closely with you to create a solution that’s totally different to anything else out there.

With this in mind, Camplisson started one-on-one design consultations, which she still sometimes conducts herself, via FaceTime or Zoom at the moment, but hopefully back in person soon.

During these sessions, she recommends ideas and shares her expertise to ensure each project stands apart and exceeds the client’s expectations.

“Our design consultants work closely with you to create a solution that’s totally different to anything else out there,” she says.

“By listening to your needs, we’re able to guide you through your options and adjust our designs to help you achieve your dream result.”

Osier Belle has a range of wicker, teak, concrete and fabric options that can be customised to suit any project.

Camplisson also loves working directly with interior designers and architects, offering a 20 per cent trade discount to all account applications. 

“Rarely do you get the chance to deal with the designer and owner, but this is my passion,” she says.

“With down-to-earth lateral thinking positivity, I love to help convert an outdoor brief into something enchanting and welcome designers’s plans and ideas during my consultations.

“In the end, my goal is to compliment your vision and create customised pieces that fit perfectly into your portfolios.”

As trade clients, designers also receive an extensive sample pack of all fabrics and wickers, closed door consultations at Osier Belle’s destination showroom in Neutral Bay, CAD drawings and technical information to include in briefs and complimentary options dependent on committed orders placed.

“Home is exceptionally important to me. It’s my security blanket.  Wherever I go, I love to modify with quirky ideas, textures, lighting, smells and home comforts that make a space feel really special and addictively inviting. 

“Osier Belle is an extension of that. With every collection I design, I’m very into igniting all your senses to create an environment that spoils yourself.”

Find out more about Osier Belle online and book a consultation today.

Lead photo: Osier Belle’s Lux teak sofa.

Photography supplied.


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