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Haymes Colour Library Volume 14 fosters ‘groundedness’, tranquility and energy

Haymes Colour Library Volume 14 fosters ‘groundedness’, tranquility and energy


Haymes Colour Library Volume 14 Embrace is inspired by the concept of embracing the unexpected challenges of the current world to find solace within the home space through colour.

The Australian paint brand‘s latest colour library explores how we can use colour to relieve stress and promote mental wellbeing within the environments we can control and have access to, as well as discovering ways to promote self-care.

The new library features a set of three unique colour palettes: Grounded, Calm Mind and Happy Home.

Haymes colour and concept manager Wendy Rennie says the palettes are designed to provoke comfort and reassurance, providing designers with the hues to curate nurturing environments that connect users from the world around them.

“These palettes have been put together to provide colour combinations that offer not just notions of aesthetic beauty, but also capture certain sensibilities of ‘groundedness’, tranquility and energy to embody themes that are more relevant today than ever before”.


This palette draws inspiration from the earthy tones of the natural world, offering an escape from the artificial light of screens and devices.

Ranging from deep tones of ink blue to warm sandy neutrals and olive greens, Grounded emulates the calming force of the ocean, the earth and forest, encouraging designers to create spaces within the home that reinforce a connection to the land and neutralise the chaos of the outside world.

Calm Mind

Seeking to emulate the feel of a spa retreat at home, Calm Mind is designed to draw our attention inwards, promoting self-care and stress relief.

Soothing tones of creamy yellow and blue blend with muddied peach, pink and rusts to create a tranquil fusion of colour that nurtures the mind and soul.

Happy Home

The final palette, Happy Home, promotes joy with an uplifting array of tones and hues tailor made for interiors that embrace quirky styling, bold colour blocking and smacks of zesty exuberance.

Bold blues, rusty reds and pops of bright yellow dominate this palette, bringing a sense of youthful fun and hope back into our homes to reinvigorate the senses.

Download Haymes’s Embrace Library Volume 14 now.

Photography: Martina Gemmola.

Last year’s colour library from Haymes Paint also embraced deeper connections with our surroundings and mental wellbeing, but through the celebrated Japanese Wabi‑sabi philosophy.


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