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New Canopy collection from Shaw Contract brings a soft, organic feel to any space

New Canopy collection from Shaw Contract brings a soft, organic feel to any space


The new Canopy collection from Shaw Contract features layered structures and natural, biophilic elements with textural nuances that will capture your imagination.

Available in 23cm x 91cm carpet tile and Broadloom options, Canopy was designed for spaces that speak to the mind and feed the soul.

Warm, comforting sanctuaries that beckon us to work, to learn, to heal in community and in solitude, and where open air becomes just as much a part of the design equation as the floor underfoot.

“What’s overhead is as important as what’s underfoot,” explains Shaw Contract.

“In the forest, a canopy is nature’s balcony to the sky. Anchoring the clouds, branches suspend disbelief, support structure and rhythm. This forest world is organic yet architectural—a conduit for reflection and even transcendence.

“Canopy is a carpet collection inspired by these enveloping places.”

Designed to transition from place to place naturally and seamlessly, the latest offering from Shaw Contract is a “No Rules collection” in that it can be installed in any configuration, reducing labour costs.

Design details like colour patterning, layered textures and smart gradations mimic nature and make this carpet tile easy to install too.

Both the Canopy carpet tile and broadloom coordinate beautifully with Shaw Contract’s LVT collections.

And since Canopy features mergeable dye lots to produce unique colour patterning, designers can mix and replace freely and with peace of mind.

When a tile needs to be replaced, simply remove the old one and put a new one down in any direction without worrying whether colours will match previous orders.

But Canopy doesn’t just draw from nature for its look and feel. The cycle of sustainability found in the natural world has also inspired this collection’s circular design and rigorous framework for environmental and social responsibility.

Canopy is Cradle to Cradle Certified silver and manufactured in facilities that are 100 per cent carbon neutral. In addition to this, all EcoWorx carpet tile products sold in Australia and New Zealand are now 100 percent carbon neutral

To learn more about Canopy or order a sample click here.


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