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Neolith announced as major sponsor for ADR’s 30UNDER30

Neolith announced as major sponsor for ADR’s 30UNDER30


Australian Design Review (ADR) talks to Neolith marketing manager for APAC, Middle East, Turkey and Greater China, Kate Deakin-Bell, about the company’s major sponsorship of ADR’s 30UNDER30 Architects and Innovators of the Built World. 

Neolith offers sintered stone as a revolutionary and innovative architectural surface with superior technical characteristics made of 100 percent raw, all-natural and recycled materials. Imported directly from Spain with stockists across Australia, Neolith boasts unrivalled characteristics of heat, stain, scratch and thermal shock resistance.

Kate Deakin-Bell, Neolith marketing manager for APAC, Middle East, Turkey and Greater China
Australian Design Review: What motivated Neolith to sponsor ADR’s 30UNDER30 program, and how does it align with the company’s commitment to the industry?

Kate Deakin-Bell: Neolith has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design within the architecture and construction industry. We recognise the immense potential and fresh perspectives that young architects and innovators bring to the table. By sponsoring ADR‘s 30UNDER30 program, we aim to support and celebrate this emerging talent. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering creativity, sustainability and excellence in design, which are core values at Neolith.

ADR: This is the second time Neolith has sponsored the program. What benefits did you see from your sponsorship of the interior and product design stream, and do you anticipate a different application of your product within the architects’ program to the interior design stream?

Kate Deakin-Bell: Our sponsorship of the interior and product design program was incredibly rewarding. We saw innovative applications of Neolith surfaces that showcased their versatility and durability. For the architecture stream, we anticipate similar creativity in the use of Neolith surfaces, but with a focus on larger-scale projects, building façades and architectural elements. Neolith’s adaptability makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications, so we’re excited to see how these young architects incorporate our products into their visionary designs.

New Neolith Classtone collection Flatlay by @studiobrie
ADR: In what ways does the program support young architects and innovators in their professional development and advancement within the industry?

Kate Deakin-Bell: The program offers a unique platform for young architects and innovators to gain recognition and exposure within the industry. It provides opportunities for networking, mentorship and collaboration with industry leaders. Additionally, participants benefit from workshops, seminars and access to valuable resources that enhance their skills and knowledge. This support system propels them towards successful careers in architecture and design.

ADR: What unique opportunities and experiences does Neolith offer to the selected individuals as part of this program, and how do these contribute to their growth and recognition?

Kate Deakin-Bell: Neolith provides selected individuals with the opportunity to work closely with our team, gaining hands-on experience with our innovative surfaces. They can access our design and technical expertise, allowing them to realise their architectural visions with Neolith. Furthermore, we feature their work in our promotional materials and events, enhancing their recognition within the industry and among design enthusiasts.

ADR: How does Neolith envision the long-term impact of the program on the architecture and design industry, as well as on the broader community?

Kate Deakin-Bell: We believe this program will continue to inspire and nurture the next generation of architects and innovators. By supporting this young talent, we’re not only contributing to the growth and vitality of the architecture and design industry but also promoting innovative and sustainable design practices. In the long term, this benefits the broader community by creating more beautiful, functional and environmentally responsible spaces.

ADR: What would you say to those architects who are a little dubious about entering the program? Why should they enter ADR’s 30UNDER30 program?

Kate Deakin-Bell: I would encourage any hesitant architects to see this program as an incredible opportunity to showcase their talent, gain exposure and accelerate their careers. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from industry experts and receive support that can be transformative for their professional journey. The ADR 30UNDER30 program is a springboard for architects to make a significant impact in the industry and leave their mark on the built world. Don’t hesitate; seize this chance to shine and make a difference!

ADR’s 30UNDER30 Architects and Innovators of the Built World program is presented by major sponsor Neolith.

Practice partners that support ADR’s 30UNDER30 Architects and Innovators of the Built World include BVN, HDR, SJB, Richards Stanisich Architecture, Williams Burton Leopardi, Billard Leece Partnership.

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