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MondoClad by HVG Facades provides the ultimate cladding solution


MondoClad by HVG Facades provides the ultimate cladding solution


HVG Facades’s MondoClad solid aluminium panels provide architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors with a cladding solution that’s second to none.

Manufactured to the highest international standards, MondoClad offers enhanced fire safety, making it the ideal choice for both recladding projects and new builds.

Certified non-combustible to AS1530.1, MondoClad has been developed to be compliant and safe, while not compromising on design.

It is available in over 40 stocked colours, including woodgrains, as well as a wide range of sizes.

With the ability to also match custom colours, MondoClad is flexible enough to be fabricated into the most unique and complex designs for a striking and long-lasting exterior.

HVG Facades specifically selected a corrosion resistant marine alloy (5052) for its ease to fabricate, high tensile strength and superior impact resistance.

MondoClad has been designed to withstand the harsh effects of the Australian environment. It’s also been coated with a PPG Duranar finish, a superior PVDF architectural paint finish that’s world-renowned for its consistent and stable colours, long-term durability, and low maintenance.

In fact, MondoClad is so low maintenance it requires no cleaning at all. In addition, it comes with a 20-year warranty, for even more peace of mind.

Manufactured overseas to Australian standards, MondoClad is produced in a world-class facility, where HVG Facades is in the unique position of having our own staff onsite for all inspections.

This full transparency gives the company the added assurance that the inspection and quality control processes are maintained to our own set of strict guidelines.

Nothing is shipped from the manufacturer until it has been double checked and has received final approval from HVG Facades’s national product manager.

The company tests to the international AAMA industry standard to ensure that each batch is produced with consistent and unparalleled quality.

These include the rigorous examination of colour comparisons against master colours, coating thickness, gloss levels, solvent resistance, bends, coating hardness and paint adhesion.

HVG Facades We completes assessments of the dimensions, flatness, protective film placement, back of panel markings and packaging.

For even more confidence and peace of mind, MondoClad is CodeMark certified, which ensures new and innovative products comply with the Building Code of Australia.

The company’s standard operating procedures cover every stage of the production and supply process and ensure that each MondoClad panel is completely traceable from the time it is produced until the end of the panel’s life.

In addition, each batch sample is stored and archived for the entire period of the 20-year warranty.

Not only does the supplier’s facility maintain a consistently high level of quality, but it also maintains an unrivalled level of feedstock to help reduce lead times for our orders.

Once it arrives on our shores, the staff and warehouse facilities that HVG Facades has in all the mainland states, mean that we have the capacity to carry substantial levels of stock to allow for quick and reliable deliveries.

Its technical support team across Australia is well placed to provide technical assistance and advice to a range of professionals including; architects, designers, specifiers, contractors, builders, certifiers, fire engineers, façade consultants, standards councils and government bodies.

Together, the team has a wealth of knowledge and a collective experience that adds up to more than 100 years.

In fact, HVG Facades’s MondoClad national product manager’s career in the aluminium industry spans more than 20 years. Having been employed in the industry when sheets, coils and plates were locally produced, he has unsurpassed expertise in the manufacturing process of aluminium sheets, plus unmatched experience in the worldwide aluminium supply chain network.

Its national technical manager has over 15 years’ experience and is actively involved with several NCC technical sub-committees and building industry groups.

He regularly liaises with building consultants, façade engineers, developers and building companies and plays a vital role in helping to provide the industry with the technical information required to assist with NCC/BCA compliance.

For a solid aluminium panel solution that’s made from high-quality materials, has been rigorously tested and is available from a team of experts, you can’t go past MondoClad from HVG Facades.

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