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Creating office spaces that support activity-based work, creativity, productivity and collaboration by Krost Business Furniture


Creating office spaces that support activity-based work, creativity, productivity and collaboration by Krost Business Furniture


The evolution of the modern office has recognised that the environment in which we work has a direct impact on our creativity, productivity and innovative thinking.

Advances in technology have led to an increase in agile and activity-based working, meaning that our workplaces must offer more flexibility than ever before.

Krost explores how the design of an office space presents a series of interventions through furniture and architecture to include zones that support different styles of work, from focused private work to collaborative and informal.

As office design continues to explore new work styles and spaces, static areas are evolving into multi-functional environments where workers collaborate and hold impromptu meetings.

Including counter height tables such as Krost’s Keywork, Tilda or Uno counter tables with stools allows staff to effortlessly transition from personal tasks to collaborative encounters in the open office.

With the workplace becoming more of a hub for employees to engage, breakout settings encourage movement and can be used in a variety of ways to facilitate creativity and productivity.

Lounge seating has become a popular shift in office aesthetics, with creative spatial planning taking into consideration the comfort, function and emotional satisfaction employees crave.

Adaptable and multifunctional, Krost’s Sofi ottomans provide lightweight and mobile seating, allowing them to be easily rearranged to support different activity-based settings.

Sofi can be curated to suit every interior, palette and style through its abundance of different shapes and sizes.

Paired with Krost’s Rize height adjustable side tables or round meeting tables, staff are offered highly flexible areas to set their devices and papers down, or to simply recharge throughout the day.

While some lounges are designed to support collaboration, including lounges that offer privacy enable more focused work.

Creating these quiet zones through the addition of Hush X lounges with high backs, offers a solution to the noise and distractions of the open plan office.

In addition to privacy, lounge settings offer comfortable seating to help people relax and better concentrate on their work.

Aside from being used to create private areas for individual use, Hush X can also create a room within a room by facing two high lounges towards each other, allowing a space for groups to collaborate or have meetings.

Incorporating designated spaces for private or group work gives people the control to choose their own environment based on their needs and requirements.

Private spaces for meetings or individuals to work are necessary to facilitate productive environments. 

Providing fully enclosed spaces with doors is not always an option for companies with space limitations or who have embraced the open-plan office.

Krost’s Curve screen allows you to create a space within a space through floor based and desk mounted panels available in various sizes.

Providing acoustic relief and joined together by extra strong magnets, the Curve system is multi-functional in the number of configurations that can be created. 

From individual working hubs to meeting and breakout areas, Curve screens create a variety of unique office landscapes facilitating all activity-based working styles.

As the modern office evolves, providing areas that support different styles of activity-based work has become a necessity for harnessing creativity, productivity and innovative thinking.

The addition of furniture pieces by Krost such as tables, lounges and screens, sees the incorporation of layers of objects inside the space resulting in new working style experiences.


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