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Discover IGO by Rezen + Templewell, recipient of Best of Globe by 2022 Shaw Contract Design Awards

Discover IGO by Rezen + Templewell, recipient of Best of Globe by 2022 Shaw Contract Design Awards


IGO by Rezen + Templewell is one of the Best of Globe winners from the 2022 Shaw Contract Design Awards, which celebrate the optimism of design, and its ability to influence everyday lives.

Rezen + Templewell were tasked with creating a mining workplace that wasn’t traditionally masculine and that is representative of IGO’s values and people. 

IGO Limited is a leading ASX-listed exploration and mining company based in South Perth that is focused on discovering, developing, and delivering products critical to clean energy. 

A dynamic and forward-thinking company, IGO sought a refurbishment of their existing tenancy in South Perth to better align with its organisational culture.

“I’m always convinced by the idea of a strong narrative, a narrative that actually reflects the values of the client,” says principal at Marchese Partners and juror for the 2022 Best of Globe panel Rulla Asmar.

“What really was striking about this project is that there’s a sense of value and pride for the people who work here. 

“It really celebrates them and that they are deserving of a beautiful, luxurious space, but it’s not ostentatious and shows restraint.” 

Embedded in IGO’s values and operations is sustainability and working towards a clean energy future, therefore sustainability in this fit-out was incredibly important; not only to the client but also the design and construction teams. 

Its mining processes are focussed on metals critical to enabling clean energy and its workplace reflects this commitment to sustainability through its design solutions. 

The new fit-out includes spaces that are inclusive, warm, and welcoming – the antithesis of a traditional mining company fit out. The soft and tactile aesthetic creates a series of humanised spaces that are a pleasure to be in.

“I really like the choice of a neutral palette with well-placed accent colours,” says design director at DVM and juror for 2022 Best of Globe panel Ida Kiss. 

‘The division of breakout spaces is functional yet harmonic with the rest of the workspace. 

“Proportion of space is very generous, with highly functional nooks for focus areas and spaces for larger gatherings. ” 

A carefully curated collection of local artworks amplifies the company’s values, culture and people. 

The sculpture garden is a symbol of IGO’s driving purpose of making a difference, signifying the importance of the people who stand for this common purpose and who are driving change towards a cleaner, better future.

Enjoying panoramic views of the Swan River and Perth CBD, a large collaboration and café space occupies the length of the building and allows staff and clients to connect in a variety of settings. 

“I think one of the interesting things about this project are the hospitality influences,” says design director at Gensler and juror for the 2022 Best of Globe panel Subhashish Mandal.

“This project sees a re-emergence of Art Deco or Art Nouveau as a language in terms of form and shape, represented in the soft curves and metallic details. 

“The space is quite generous with beautiful proportions, but there are also moments that are very meditative.”

A design highlight, the central bar and main tea point feature marble sourced from the Pilbara region capturing the beauty of the WA landscape.

The Heddle carpet tiles in colour argan by Shaw Contract were selected for this project, contributing to the project’s the soft and tactile aesthetic in a warm and welcoming palette.

The importance of sustainability in this project can be noticed in the integration of biophilic elements for improved indoor air quality, and the selection of sustainable materials including 100% PVC-free, Carbon Neutral, Cradle to Cradle certified, and Declare certified carpet tiles from Shaw Contract.

Elsewhere, metallic details allude to IGO’s mining operations. 

The resulting design is people-centric space that facilitates connection and collaboration, celebrating the people that make the company unique.

Photography: Dion Robeson

Also, meet the 2022 Shaw Contract Design Awards judges.


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