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Atlas Office Landscape

Atlas Office Landscape


The office landscapes of the future are likely to be markedly different from the ones the world left behind in the early months of 2020. The Atlas Office Landscape could be the perfect response.

The global pandemic will change not just where we work, but also how we perform those tasks when we are there.

And what that working environment will look like.

We will all become used to workspaces that are subject to regular deep cleaning, and feature hand sanitising stations throughout. Notices about physical distancing, reminders to hand wash and not touch common surfaces will be commonplace.

One of the first differences, however, will be the greater focus on strategies like remote working and staggered shifts – to assist in keeping numbers low and workplaces sparsely populated, decreasing the risk of disease transmission.

Atlas Office Landscape

Into this brave new landscape comes another – the Atlas Office Landscape, which could almost have been designed with the realities of a pandemic and post-pandemic affected world in mind.

Designed by Tim Wallace, the Atlas Office Landscape is a workplace system that can be reconfigured at will, rapidly and simply, to respond to changing space requirements.

Once installed, its layout can be altered to address the physical distancing rules of COVID-19 without the necessity of buying new parts.

Atlas Office Landscape is a workstation that features softly curved edges, to give the impression of an organic system flowing organically through the workspace.

Crafted as an elegant piece of furniture rather than the clinical, uniform desks of old, Atlas boasts a rounded aesthetic throughout – the work surface, screen, power supply and storage are all designed to make your workspace softer, more inviting and more human.

Atlas Office Landscape

Beauty and brains

Beauty doesn’t come at the expense of practicality, however. Atlas Office Landscape brings together height-adjustability and collaborative working with its unique ‘no beam’ structure.

Freeing the workspace of extraneous clutter, it invites users to sit or stand in comfort, adapting their position or stance to the task at hand.

Desks, screens, tables and storage elements can be combined to suit personal taste, meaning every workstation can be tailored to the individual who uses it and makes it their own. As an expert in the workplace furniture space, Herman Miller has a long history of producing innovative work systems. So much more than a simple sit-to-stand desk, Atlas Office Landscape has a streamlined approach to both componentry and the electrical options – meaning the system can be configured as a single workstation or, just as easily, a large group of workstations, each with the flexibility to easily meet all individual needs.

Atlas Office Landscape



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