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A spirited collaboration: Four Pillars Gin takes centre stage at IDEA 2023

A spirited collaboration: Four Pillars Gin takes centre stage at IDEA 2023


Australian Design Review’s prestigious 2023 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) have discovered the ideal drinks partner in Four Pillars Gin, adding an extra touch of sophistication and innovation to the event. 

Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality, Four Pillars Gin brings their unique blend of botanicals and visionary approach to the design community, making them the perfect companion for this celebration of excellence.

Embodying the spirit of creativity and pushing boundaries, Four Pillars Gin has become synonymous with innovation within the craft spirits industry. By partnering with IDEA, they extend their passion for design and commitment to excellence beyond the realm of distilling, creating a harmonious blend of artistry and imbibing pleasure.

Through their signature gins, Four Pillars Gin has demonstrated a keen understanding of the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each bottle tells a story, carefully crafted by their team of passionate artisans, resulting in a sensory experience that transcends traditional expectations.

Four Pillars

By joining forces with IDEA, Four Pillars Gin aims to elevate the overall experience for attendees, offering a unique opportunity to savour exceptional flavours alongside exceptional design. This collaboration reinforces their dedication to fostering creativity and innovation, while simultaneously highlighting the intrinsic connection between design and the pleasure of enjoying a meticulously crafted libation.

Guests at IDEA gala will have the exclusive opportunity to indulge in bespoke Four Pillars Negroni cocktails or classic Gin and Tonics, complementing and enhancing the evening’s celebration of design excellence. 

Four Pillars Gin’s partnership with IDEA 2023 creates a truly immersive experience, merging the worlds of design and distilling. Through their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavour and aesthetics, Four Pillars Gin raises the bar for drinks partners in the design industry. 

Photography supplied by Four Pillars Gin.

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