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Pendant45 light from David Moreland

Pendant45 light from David Moreland


The Pendant45 light from David Moreland is now available in Brass as well as the recently released Copper model. The Brass lights are an impressive interior accent when used with other natural materials or luxe furnishings and will complement brass fittings in kitchens and bathrooms.

The Pendant45 is now made of either polished Copper or Brass and powder coated aluminium in standard Grey, Green, Yellow, White and Black. Custom colours are available on request.

Lights are fitted with a lamp holder, a Philips compact fluorescent Ambiance Globe 18W (75W) B22 warm white bulb and a length of flex. Dimensions: 205h x 190dia.

David Moreland Design is a New Zealand studio committed to producing high quality, innovative furniture and lighting solutions. As well as having a production range there are also commissions, one offs and limited edition pieces being designed and produced.

David Moreland Lighting is available exclusively in Australia through The English Tapware Company, via its Sydney and Melbourne showrooms.


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