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Pendant light with acoustic qualities

Pendant light with acoustic qualities


The new Teamwork pendant light from Melbourne-based ISM Objects has been specially crafted to absorb sound, with the aim of enhancing both concentration and collaboration in the home and workplace.

The light shell is crafted from spun aluminium and has a decorative fabric panel that conceals an internal sound absorbing material.

Teamwork light by ISM Objects

The outer shell is finished in matt anthracite or white. The fabric insert panel is available in a choice of 22 contemporary colours, with custom fabrics available on request.

At the heart of Teamwork is an environmentally efficient LED lamp source with a special thin diffuser to ensure light is fully dispersed. This makes it an ideal light source for long meeting tables that require an even distribution of light to enhance collaboration.

Teamwork Pendant light above a desk

The pendant directs light in a downward direction only, but is also available with the option of up and down lighting, with both options compatible with a choice of popular dimming protocols.



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