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Issho – the beauty of being together

Issho – the beauty of being together


Issho… was ever a product more serendipitously named?

Before you scratch your head quizzically, let us quickly explain that issho is Japanese for ‘together’.

And ‘together’ is one of those words like ‘lockdown’, ‘contactless’ and, sadly, ‘superspreader’ that has seemingly come to define the times – most often in the context of ‘we are all in this together’ (even when sometimes perhaps we weren’t…).

But with renewed optimism, thanks to vaccine announcements, successful strategies and eased restrictions leading to Australians everywhere finally being able to genuinely reunite with family and friends, ‘together’ is now taking on its happiest connotations once again.

And what better way to celebrate with those we have missed than by getting together around any home’s cornerstone point – the dining table, groaning with great food and drink, as we once more share meals, laughs and good times?

So, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce the Issho table system, designed by the King in-house team. Putting aside serendipity and the idea of coming together again after too long apart, however, the system’s name is actually reflective of its design. Issho was chosen because it is a design that comprises individual base parts that come together to be harmoniously, seamlessly and elegantly assembled beneath the tabletop.

It has been developed as a series of repeated leg parts that form a striking sculptural base, a perfect combination of form and function. With their rigid structural foam form, and timber veneer finish, the lightweight legs surround a central steel spine, and offer great formation flexibility. The fins are able to connect to the tabletop in up, down, front and back facings. All four of these positions will then transform the table’s sense of volume and space, to accommodate varying numbers of seated guests.

All tables great and small

Further, the tables are available in a range of sizes, starting with a three-fin, six- to eight-seater and going right up to the six-fin model, which can seat up to 10 people comfortably. The range of dining chairs by King, in various timber finishes, offer the perfect match.

The design options aren’t limited to the fins and legs, with the tabletop itself available in circular form, rectangular or, in a first for King, the range now comes with a built-in Lazy Susan. The latter sits flush with the rest of the tabletop and features an ingenious concealed self-cleaning channel to prevent the build-up of meal detritus.

Ease of cleaning has also been taken into consideration in the choice of materials, with the introduction of the Nero Marquina Ceramic as one of the finish options. This is a UV stable, heat resistant, non-porous and colourfast porcelain product with the look of natural grain marble, meaning its elegant appearance belies its very low maintenance characteristics.

In another sign that the design team has thought long and hard about the everyday use of these dining tables, the Issho range also comes with adjustable height foot caps as standard, meaning uneven floor surfaces will no longer result in wobbly tables or slanted tabletops.

Talking of tabletops, the timber veneer option comes with soft edges, giving a comfortable tactile experience to users, and all the tops have a rounded bottom edge and no sharp corners at all. Plus, the rectangle version has steel reinforced tabletops lengthwise, and can be reconfigured from a double plinth to an open base configuration without requiring any additional pieces.

To complement the dining tables, the range also features coffee and side iterations with asymmetric pebble shaped tops, that have been specifically designed to work well in clusters.

Clusters of tables, clusters of people… it all adds up to the very definition of ‘together’. It all adds up to Issho…


Photography supplied.

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