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Experimental furniture exhibition shows ‘the future of Australian design practice’

Experimental furniture exhibition shows ‘the future of Australian design practice’


The ExLab: Experimental Furniture Exhibition has returned for 2018 and will showcase the talent of graduate students at the Melbourne School of Design.

This year, the design brief challenged students to design a small furniture piece using an experimental process that is driven by material qualities and processes of making. This unusual
process results in innovative furniture that pushes the boundaries of beauty, function and innovation.

Unlikely materials feature prominently amongst the furniture, with pieces made from recycled coffee grounds, paper or foam. With the finished pieces exemplifying how the constraints of certain materials can, in fact, be manipulated and used to the designer’s advantage, driving the design process.

“Some of the best design comes from understanding and exploiting the constraints of a source material”, explains studio leader Jas Johnston.

“The furniture pieces also incorporate each designer’s own interests and design agendas into the process as well. For those interested in new technology we have furniture made from an industrial robot 3d printer and another assembled using holographic instructions.”

The exhibition is open from October 19 to 21, 11:00 am – 4:00pm at the Meat Market in North Melbourne.


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