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Christopher Boots on his ‘unfailing curiosity about our natural world’

Christopher Boots on his ‘unfailing curiosity about our natural world’


In the lead up to IDEA 2018, ADR is running a series of Q&As and profiles with this year’s esteemed jury. In the fourth instalment we catch up with the inimitable Christopher Boots, who talks through his evolving creative approach to design. 

Entries into IDEA 2018 close on Saturday 28 April at 5pm. Get your entry in now!

ADR: What’s the one critical question that you ask yourself before you design anything?

Christopher Boots: Quite literally “Why am I doing this?” This question forms the root of other questions that pose themselves whenever I am conceptualising and approaching a new design: What does this design mean? How long will this last? What will this piece look like in 50, 100 or even 200 years’ time?

What has remained evergreen in your creative approach and what continues to evolve?

 An unfailing curiosity about our natural world – the exploration of form and site specific response continues to fascinate and challenge me both personally and professionally.

Mythology is a strong theme in your work, but what else inspires you?

Where light enables us to see beyond the constraints of the everyday, the formation of a dialogue between the client and design processes endlessly inspires me to create.

How strong of an identity do you think Australian design now has and what is the driving force behind it?

Our geographical isolation has let Australian designers evolve unbridled by the baggage of history – European or colonial.

I believe that this has in turn enabled Australian designers to creatively respond to unique design challenges – resulting in work that is youthful, distinct and with a fresher style.

There’s an increasing market for one-off works: how is this changing your business?

There is a trend towards customised works for discerning clientele who no longer wish to have something that somebody else has. I see this as a rational response to an ever increasing homogenised world.

As judge of IDEA 2018, what will you be looking for in the entries?

Originality, innovation, viability and a clever use of materials. These are things that are important to me personally as well as creatively.




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