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Harbord Diggers announces final five architects in design competition


The Harbord Diggers Club has recently declared the list of five finalists that will vie for the second stage of the Development Application project in Sydney. The proposed $106 million redevelopment project is based in the Northern Beaches area of the bustling city.

Following an extensive review and assessment process, the five groups that have been selected to participate in the next stage of the design competition are: Altis Consortia (Altis Architecture, McGregor Coxall, Thomson Adsett and Clare Design); Architectus Consortia (Architectus, Chrofi and JMD Design); BVN Consortia (BVN Donovan Hill, Durbach Block Jaggers, Aspect Studios, Silver Spirit Partners and Fleetwood Hotels); PTW Consortia (PTW, Axil, Spackman Mossop Michaels); and Woodhead Consortia (Woodhead, Indyk Architects and AECOM).

General Manager of Harbord Diggers Dale Hunt said, “There were a number of registrations of interest received from firms, groups and architectural companies from across Sydney and the wider region, making it a difficult task for our review.

“We are very pleased with the five chosen to move forward to the design concepts. They represent a mix of credible, reputable and highly experienced design professionals. It is great to see that firms have joined forces with other design teams to form consortia in order to deliver the very best concepts for our unique site and ultimately our members and the community.”

The five architectural groups will deliver design concepts for a community property that provides high-quality, functional buildings and uses for the Harbord Diggers site, including registered club facilities, seniors independent living units, fitness facilities, community day care facilities, child care and member services.

“Attached to such a high-profile redevelopment, this design competition means Diggers will have the opportunity to work with these reputable architectural groups to ensure our club’s redevelopment will be of the highest standard,” Dale added.

“Of course, with the community playing such an integral role in helping us to reach this stage in the development, we will be maintaining the communication along the way, as we progress to the next stage of the competition,” he said.




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