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Restore, Flourish and Wonder are the 2022 colour palettes from Dulux

Restore, Flourish and Wonder are the 2022 colour palettes from Dulux


Dulux has chosen three tonal palettes as an “emotive reflection of what humanity needs in this era of uncertainty” for its 2022 forecast.

As we develop into a society with deeper reliance on our homes, the team at the global paint company predicts its 2022 palette with more acuity than ever before.

Photography: Lisa Cohen

It falls upon creative professionals like Dulux colour and communications manager Andrea Lucena-Orr and colour forecaster and stylist Bree Leech to respond with unrestrained ingenuity.

Together, the duo and the Dulux team meticulously analyse a multitude of factors to discern the colour direction in design and architecture.

Photography: Lisa Cohen

“The impact of the pandemic is undeniable. It is the predominant influence on everything from global trends to domestic concerns,” says Lucena-Orr.

“This year, the process was necessarily different, but the depth and breadth of analysis was equally comprehensive.”

Photography: Lisa Cohen

The result? Colours that encompass what our community not only requires, but its longing, optimism and empowerment.

Or more simply, three distinct palettes to empower architects and interior designers: Restore, Flourish and Wonder.

Photography: Mike Baker

Restore offers a natural tonal palette “inspired by the innate need for authentic connection”.

As interiors become our safe haven to practise wellness and self-care rituals, there is a drive to appreciate the “power of simplicity”.

Thus Restore provides “minimal but meaningful” connections with deep earthy tones like Natural Flora and New Penny, which highlight textural play against natural materials.

Photography: Mike Baker

By contrast, Wonder is whimsical and playful, though deserving of equal praise.

The palette expresses reconciliation to the outside world and the desire for the warmth of spring and summer.

“Never before has the transformative effect of colour been more sought after,” says Dulux.

Moreover, Wonder manifests a dream-like state, drawing inspiration from “fields of flowers, blooming countryside and lush cottage-style gardens”.

Photography: Mike Baker

The final palette, Flourish represents “empowerment through freedom of expression and choice”.

We seek liberation during this time of restriction, and this palette embodies a sense of adventure and a passion for life.

“Its a look for those who want to re-write the design rules,” says Lucena-Orr.

“As we move towards more freedoms, these colours enrich our feelings of empowerment and spark our imagination.”

Photography: Lisa Cohen

The three exciting palettes offer rich hues that add emotion and a sense of decadence to a space, while simultaneously allowing neutral and soft pops of colour.

Last year, Dulux chose three tonal palettes that “prioritises natural colours and textures” for its trend forecast.


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