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New floor design ‘Compolux’ by Nendo


Nendo has recently designed a new women’s clothing floor, Compolux, at the Seibu department store in Tokyo. The third floor of the store is a multi-brand shared area for women’s clothing that required a new design to unify the space while offering each brand a distinctive look.


Nendo’s design draws inspiration from the wrought iron fences that surround various parks and public squares in European cities. The aim was to create a space that provided an experience similar to strolling in the park.


Since the collection and product arrangement of all the brands change at a dizzying pace, the fixtures needed to be easily modifiable. Nendo used screens suspended from the ceiling to act as hanger racks for the clothes. The screens are not only easy to remove or relocate, but also have built-in lighting to illuminate the clothes. Each brand has its own distinctive pattern of screen.


The shelves, like the screen hangers, are also suspended from the ceiling to give the floor a more spacious look. The floor is made using symmetrically-cut ordinary plastic floor tiles to create a variegated pattern.


The changing rooms are fitted with simulated outdoor lights in addition to regular indoor lights to help the customers check out clothes in a variety of environments.




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