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Hana Hakim designs limited edition gin for Archie Rose

Hana Hakim designs limited edition gin for Archie Rose


Melbourne interior designer Hana Hakin has teamed up with Archie Rose for a limited edition gin that carries the distinctive voice of summer.

“We designed the flavours and label around the first drink after a day at the beach,” The Stella Collective founder and design director tells ADR of the label.

“Clean and crisp golden forms overlaid with a playfully botanic elegance to evoke dancing in the summer sunset.”

The Stella Collective’s Hana Hakim with her signature cocktail at Melbourne’s Hazel. Photo: Lillie Thompson.

The limited edition bottle is available on the Archie Rose website until February 2022, and is one of a series of collaborations between the Sydney spirits distiller and Australian interior designers.

Sydney’s Brendan Wong and fellow Melburnian Miriam Fanning of Mim Design have also contributed designs for the limited edition collection.

Hakim’s label pairs soft peaches with green foliage and golden arches, all designed to put drinkers in the mood for long summer days by the sea.

“We were inspired by a soft use of materiality to reflect the gorgeous and distinctive Archie Rose green bottle,” explains Hakim.

“Spirited, soulful silhouettes then carry the distinctive voice of summer with Mother Nature’s botanics weaving her magic throughout.” 

Hakim’s feminine label design is featured in Archie Rose’s Limited Release Tailored Spirits collection. Here, anyone can channel their inner distiller by creating their own blend of botanical notes.

As part of the collaboration, Hakim infused her signature Tailored Gin with bright exotic notes.

“These flavours are my go to in cooking! They represent exotic, fresh, clean and modern notes with a touch of heady flavours. 

“We used river mint, coriander seed (for that exotic heady hint of nomadic journeys), lemon myrtle and local honey.”

It’s a combination that Hakim says captures summer in all its sweetness.

“It’s perfect for my favourite way to spent a warm evening – at home on my balcony with the summer sun setting, chatting with my husband about adventures had or adventures we are going to have!” 

Captivated, we asked Fanning to share the recipe for her very own strawberry and mint-tinged signature cocktail.

So grab your bottle of the Limited Release gin before it sells out and raise a glass to adventures past and future.

The Stella Collective Cocktail

I don’t measure things (other than in design)! In life, I just feel my way through it. Your hand and gut feel is always best!

  • 2 and a bit fingers of The Stella Collective x Archie Rose gin
  • 2 frozen strawberries 
  • ice blocks 
  • tonic, to your taste
  • slice of lime or lemon 
  • Fresh mint leaf, if you have some growing in your garden

Shake the gin with ice and tonic. 

Pour into a martini glass or larger more substantial glass like a Copa De Balon.

Add fresh ingredients. 

Cheers your loved ones near and far!

To celebrate the release of Archie Rose’s collaboration with three of the country’s best interior designers, ADR featured Brendan Wong and his gin gimlet earlier in the year. We also spoke to Mim Fanning for her signature Cosmopolitan.

Win one of five prize packs featuring three Limited Edition designer bottles, valued at $297, by filling out the form below and following @ausdesignreview and @archierosesyd on Instagram.

This competition is now closed.

Photography: Nikki To unless otherwise specified. Lead photo of Hana Hakim by Lillie Thompson.


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