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David Flack on why ‘it’s a beautiful thing to create a space’

David Flack on why ‘it’s a beautiful thing to create a space’


In the lead up to IDEA 2018, ADR is running a series of Q&As and profiles with this year’s esteemed jury. In the third instalment we catch up with David Flack, founder of Flack Studio who divulges how his style has evolved since setting up his own practice in 2014.

Entries into IDEA 2018 close on Saturday 28 April at 5pm. Get your entry in now

ADR: What was the first space that really made an impact on you?

David Flack: Hamer Hall (pre-renovation) was and still is one of the most incredible spaces/interiority that captivates me. The high level of detail, colour strokes and ornate detailing over such a scale.

You are known for your bold use of colour, is it sometimes hard to convince clients to use strong colour themes?

Design is a journey with clients, the relationship starts simply and the spaces evolve as you design and introduce them to ‘your’ world and way of crafting and creating a space. Colour and the interplay of materiality is a strong suit of Flack Studio – I always like to think clients have signed us with this at the forefront, however each brief and space varies. Ultimately clients never know what the finished product is going to be like – it’s the one thing that makes me melt each and every time we hand over a project – it’s a beautiful thing to create a space.

You’ve been running your own studio since 2014: how has your style evolved since branching out alone?

My aesthetic is ever evolving: the more I push myself, question myself and our practice and always push materiality and spaces beyond what we’ve created or felt comfortable with is what excites me daily. The lead times on houses are quite slow therefore some ideas take up to three years to evolve, whereas our commercial arm of work pushes these ideas really quickly and it is a little more experimental – I’ve found our detailing and materiality palates from commercial environments have crept into our residential work which is often more paired back.

What’s the one critical question that you ask yourself before you design anything? 

I always want our spaces to be highly intelligent and practical spaces that meet brief, solve problems and answer dreams. I am always critical of our work, never one to rest on our laurels.

What are you favourite kind of spaces to design and why?

I love designing any space when the client is on board with your journey, a fantastic building team around you and most importantly my studio is working to achieve the same results. We are all obsessed with our profession in our studio therefore the love and dedication shows within each project. To get back to the question though I love designing homes!

As a member of the jury for IDEA 2018, what will you be looking for in the entries?

Confidence and strength within the designers work. I love a narrative within spaces and I’m constantly inspired by how incredible the design scene is in Australia. I can’t wait to see what people have created!

Entries into IDEA 2018 close on Saturday 28 April at 5pm. Get your entry in now

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