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Putting women first in building and interior design at BuildHer


Putting women first in building and interior design at BuildHer


ADR chats about female empowerment in the building and interior design industry with BuildHer Collective founder Rebeka Morgan.

Build/Her Collective founder Rebeka Morgan

“At BuildHer, we support women because they are at the core of the building process,” says BuildHer Collective founder Rebeka Morgan.

“When it comes to this industry, knowledge is power.”

Also a registered builder as well as a registered interior designer, Morgan founded BuildHer five years ago to promote and educate women to take back control of the building process.

“So many women we speak to have this niggling dream of making their living from renovating for profit, but it seems unobtainable or perhaps like something that we should put off for the future,” says Morgan. 

“When we speak to people about it, they think we are a little crazy. 

“Honestly, there will never be a better time, and if you have the right process and methodology, you will know your outcome from the beginning rather than just guessing.”

According to Morgan, the architectural universe as well as the housing market is going through unprecedented changes – for the better.

“The market has moved on and is so much smarter than before,” she says.

“No longer can those quick fixes, painting a few tiles and clearing the garden work. 

“Purchasers know what they want and they will pay for it, but they can also see through poorly finished DIY solutions and they are demanding better. 

“With so much access to information and inspiration around, it is still easy to give our purchasers what they want, but we need to create value and unlocking this is the key to unlocking your profit.”

Photography: Dylan James Lark

Learn more about how prominent female designers put women first when it comes to design, such as Tatiana Bilbao at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of the inaugural Women in Design Commission.


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