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Zintl’s non-combustible cladding enhances the sustainability of buildings

Zintl’s non-combustible cladding enhances the sustainability of buildings


Zintl aluminium cladding system is an elegant and enduring material that offers a world of design possibilities as well as enhancing the sustainability of a building due to its corrosion resistance and recyclability.

Zintl provides architects with façade profiles that are versatile and 100 percent non-combustible, certified to AS1530.1 (a test that rates the fire-safety of a product).

Combining sophisticated style, extraordinary fire performance and efficient installation, this cladding system is ideal for residential, commercial, education, sporting and health care projects.

Designed for quick and cost-effective installation, Zintl requires minimal ongoing maintenance and can be customised to suit each project. Zintl interlocking aluminium cladding is offered in a wide range of Interpon and Dulux powder coated finishes as well as a selection of anodised and wood grain architectural finishes, providing a beautifully refined aesthetic.

With its mix of natural, bold and subtle hues, Zintl is perfect for any budget or environment. Its durability makes it particularly well suited for coastal properties and high traffic areas.


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