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Sydney Contemporary returns for the seventh year  

Sydney Contemporary returns for the seventh year  


Australasia’s leading contemporary art fair, which will run from 7 to 10 September at the beloved Carriageworks multi-arts centre, promises another stellar lineup of local and international galleries. 

In partnership with MA Financial Group, Sydney Contemporary revealed the program for the Installation Contemporary, the inaugural MA Art Prize and additional festival favourites. 

This year’s festival boasts the most extensive line up to date, featuring more than 500 artists from 96 galleries across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Patrons can expect to lap up the large scale artworks from 12 contemporary artists at the Installation Contemporary. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Alex Seton, Brian Robinson, Jenna Lee, Louise Zhang, Roy Wiggan, and many more artists have secured a coveted spot in the program. 

The program seeks to display works that subvert expectations of traditional booth art and  enable audiences the chance to engage with interactive installations within Carriageworks’ distinctive typology. 

Galleries at Sydney Contemporary curator Sarah Hetherington is thrilled to provide First Nations, Australian and international artists with a platform to showcase work that tests boundaries. 

“The works collectively explore themes of the human and animal body, spirituality and

transcendence, colonial history, language and cultural identity, memory and time, and the use of technology,” says Hetherington. 

Patrons are encouraged to lean into the unique sensory and visual experience and pause for moments of ponder and reflection. 

The MA Art Prize 

This is the first year the MA Art Prize has featured at Sydney Contemporary. It is guided by a  goal of amplifying the work of up-and-coming Australian artists. 

The acquisitive prize, valued at $1000, will be awarded to one emerging artist whose work also features at the Sydney Contemporary. A judging panel comprised of MA representatives, art collectors and Sydney Contemporary council members will determine the recipient. 

MA is proud to be involved in a program that seeks to dismantle the financial barriers emerging artists come up against when looking to exhibit their artwork.

Gallery booth must-sees

Galleria Continua is set to display the works of renowned British sculptor Sir Antony Gormley, while Roslyn Oxley9 is exhibiting the vibrant art of Yolgnu artist Dhambit Mununggurr.

ARC ONE is previewing Murray Fredricks’ and Janet Laurence’s climate-change provocative photographic works and First Nations artist Billy Bain will feature in a group exhibition hosted by Blackartprojects. 

There are countless other gallery highlights that all reflect the program ethos of celebrating irreverent and cutting-edge artworks. 

Sydney Contemporary will take place from the 7 to 10 September at Carriageworks, Eveleigh. 

Featured Image: Sydney Contemporary 2022.

Photography supplied by Sydney Contemporary Carriageworks.

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