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Geyer acquisition sparks brand redesign

Geyer acquisition sparks brand redesign


Design consultancy Geyer has announced it has been acquired by The Intelligent Consulting Group, with a rebanding to usher in the company’s new era. 

An entrepreneurial business specialising in the property sector, The Intelligent Consulting Group is led by Group CEO Marcel Zalloua, who is also the co-founder of commercial and retail delivery specialist, Valmont.

Geyer and Valmont will now operate as sister companies under The Intelligent Consulting Group banner, and will combine their expertise to create a more comprehensive service offering that marks an evolution in design consultancy, says Zalloua.

Geyer’s managing director, Marcel Zalloua. Photo: Andrew Harrington

“Under the stewardship of The Intelligent Consulting Group, we’ve focussed on bringing global experts into Geyer, and coupled with access to Valmont’s expertise, we can now offer an elevated design consultancy that provides added value for our clients,” said Mr Zalloua, who also serves as Managing Director of Geyer.

“The Geyer design offering will be amplified through the integration of Valmont’s highly-trusted building expertise, allowing Geyer to provide a more integrated service that delivers outcomes without compromise.”

“We are calling this partnership Geyer +, and it is the culmination of over 12 months of planning that proves our commitment to innovation.

“At present, we believe the process of design consultancy is broken, with traditional design practices only operating in their specific areas of expertise, and risk ultimately pushed down the chain to the builder.

“But it’s our view that the person who carries the most risk should lead the design and drive the whole process – in this case the design consultant.

“This approach allows the Geyer team to steward the client’s design intention through the entire design lifecycle and ensure the final outcome matches the vision,” said Zalloua.

In keeping with this philosophy, Geyer has concurrently announced a rebrand, which reflects a dynamic, future-focussed outlook across the company’s entire range of digital and physical assets.

The redesign was ideated through an immersive collaboration between brand experts ExtraBlack and the entire leadership team across the Geyer and Valmont businesses. 

Geyer’s global design director, Adam Mundy. Photo: Andrew Harrington

Geyer’s Global Design Director, Adam Mundy, who brings extensive experience to the company from international workplace design projects such as LinkedIn (New York), BNP Paribas (New York) and WPP (Hong Kong), explained how the new Geyer service offering and brand points to a strong future.

“Collectively, the experience around the table showed that as an industry, there was a lot of room for improvement in the process of delivering intelligent design, with a prevailing feeling that the current process doesn’t always serve clients fully.” 

Geyer’s new branding designed in collaboration with ExtraBlack. Courtesy of Geyer.

“Quite often, design intent and strategy can end up being diluted along the way, which can lead to the design of workplace, retail, hospitality, educational and other spaces not being fully realised.”

The ambition became clear: to think differently and to re-prioritise design and work alongside architects, engineers and other key consultants from the outset. This sentiment led to the generation of Geyer’s new tagline ‘Tomorrow Today’ as a “guiding principle”. 

The new Geyer brand represents the company’s bold  new approach, adopting a more energetic and dynamic colour palette, with a modern typeface and an animated brandmark. The brand is also designed to attract a new wave of progressive, forward-thinking young designers. 

Geyer’s new branding and tagline designed in collaboration with ExtraBlack. Courtesy of Geyer.

“It’s an exciting time for Geyer, with our new brand highlighting our commitment to designing for tomorrow, while also ensuring currency, consistency and clarity across all our branded assets,” said Mundy.

“Our team is energised by the new brand direction, and they’re very much looking forward to creating innovative, human-centred designs that will make a difference and transform lives.”

Hassell and Russell & Yelland have also undergone collaborative rebrandings this year as a reflection of turning points for both firms.


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