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Biennale of Sydney 2024 announces exhibition theme as “Ten Thousand Suns”

Biennale of Sydney 2024 announces exhibition theme as “Ten Thousand Suns”


The leading contemporary art event has revealed the theme and the first 39 artists for the exhibition’s 24th edition which will be held from 9 March to 10 June next year. 

Guided by artistic directors Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero, next year’s Biennale explores how celebration can function as both a method and a motivator of joy, deriving inspiration from histories of queer resistance and unity in the face of adversity. 

Patrons are also promised a program of contemporary music that speaks to the artworks in the exhibition, made possible by the partnership with Phoenix Central Park, the performing arts and gallery venue where the biennale is usually held. However, the exhibition will also crop up in more locations around the city. 

Phoenix Central Park executive producer and creative director Beau Neilson is excited to witness the results of fusing the artwork curated by Costinas and Guerrero with contemporary music. 

“They have assembled a dazzling array of visual art that captures the socio-political zeitgeist with a spirit of optimism, and we will honour this vision with an exciting line-up of music,” says Neilson.

Costinas and Guerrero are thrilled to announce the first round of artists who will participate in the exhibition. 

They extend respect and gratitude towards Australia’s complex heritage, and the “struggles and practices of First Nations communities and migrants”.

“Next year’s Biennale works across time periods, beyond the borders separating cultural practices rooted in different genealogies, and from all continents,” say the directors. 

The pair are hoping generosity and compassion emerge as takeaways and “powerful political tools” from the Biennale, by positioning patrons to engage with histories of collective resistance, strength and enthusiasm. 

“Next year we are embracing a more hopeful outlook and celebrating the exhibition as a carnival of rays – hence the title as Ten Thousand Suns,” say the directors. 

Costinas and Guerrero regularly collaborate, both inspired to provide a platform for artwork that examines the multiplicities of people’s viewpoints, alongside encouraging audiences to welcome feeling challenged and uncomfortable. 

Australia’s vibrant and diverse communities occupy a core component of next year’s theme, complimenting the notion that the Biennale serves as a place that reiterates the necessity for international dialogue and friendship.

Biennale Sydney chief executive officer Barara Moore lists the endless rewards to be gained from attending this free event. 

“Come and share the joys and challenges of our time as a communal participatory experience and explore overcoming adversity to thrive as a community,” says Moore. 

Featured Image: Cosmin Costinaș (co-artistic director), Australian-Ashanti artist Serwah Attafuah, artist William Yang, Australian-Indian artist Kirtika Kain, and Inti Guerrero (co-artistic director). 

Photography by Joshua Morris. 

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