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Archiflix to screen lost Sydney Opera House doco

Archiflix to screen lost Sydney Opera House doco


The architecture and design film festival, Archiflix, is happening this weekend in Melbourne. The festival highlights architecture through a range of documentaries and panel discussions, featuring prominent figures in the industry. Each event is aimed to entertain, inspire and engage the audience and the films are designed to show a different angle of the industry.

Thursday is the first day of the event, starting in the evening with opening drinks at Mr Tulk. The documentary The Dream of Perfection will be screened, accompanied by a chat with the director John Weiley. The Dream of Perfection documentary is the lost film about the Sydney Opera House. It analyses the construction of the Opera House, however, after the first screening of the film in 1968, it was destroyed. Earlier this year the film was recovered and with the help of the original director, it has been restored.

Friday will see a viewing of Harry Seidler: Modernist, followed by a discussion with Darryl Dellora the film director. Following that is a viewing of The Architect at 9.00pm, which follows a couple enlisting the services of a modernist architect with whom the wife falls for.

Saturday is a marathon with five films, including a second viewing of The Dream of Perfection, Visual Acoustics, Getting Frank Gehry, Glenn Murcutt: Spirit of Place and John Gollings: Eye for Architecture. Visual Acoustics and John Gollings: Eye for Architecture take a look at architectural photography, whereas Getting Frank Gehry and Glen Murcutt: Spirit of Place explores the work of each architect.

The last day of the festival shows four documentaries, along with a panel discussion and the festival finishes off with an awards ceremony. The day begins with a viewing of The Edge of the Possible, a documentary that explains the creation of the Sydney Opera House. Following that, the documentary Zaha Hadid: Who Dare Wins will be shown, along with a panel discussion on Inspiring Women in Architecture featuring Shelley Penn, Amy Muir, Sarah Naarden, Targol Khorram and our very own Jan Henderson, co-editor of inside magazine. In the evening, there is a viewing of Within Formal Cities and The Competition and the festival concludes with an awards ceremony.

Purchase a gold ticket pass for access to all days at $99 or a ticket to access to each event for $20.


Read our interview with Catherine Hunter, the documentary filmmaker behind Glenn Murcutt: Spirit of Place.


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